President assures economic growth despite adverse effects on public


President Ranil Wickremesinghe has assured that efforts are underway to ensure economic growth.

Speaking at this morning’s (07 March) Parliamentary session, the Head of State said that efforts are now being made to ensure economic growth, after several key economic decisions were taken, although extremely difficult.

He further explained that although severely unpopular, the economic measures were taken to stabilize the country’s deteriorating economy, and that economic growth is now being ensured, gradually, despite the ongoing suffering inflicted on the society as a whole, as a consequence.

Meanwhile, speaking on the provision of fertilizer, Wickremesinghe stated that with the aid of the fertilizer provided to farmers, the country achieved successful Yala and Maha harvests, adding that the export level of agricultural goods has also regained a fair degree of normalcy.

During his speech, the President also noted that the country’s economic problems have also been resolved to a certain extent since June 2022.

source adaderana


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