Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) Joseph Starlin says the examination schedule plans in the country will be further delayed as a result of the delay in commencing the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination’s answer sheet evaluation activities.

Stalin points out that the teachers have refrained from applying for paper marking since the daily payment has been limited to Rs. 2,000.

“The reason for the teachers not applying for answer sheet evaluation activities is that the paid stipend was at a minimum rate.”

“Evaluation activities have not commenced since 2022, this will gradually delay the upcoming exams,” he added.

The government needs to understand that at present, strengthening this evaluation process is required, Stalin said, adding that this crisis situation in education will only see an end if the examinations are held on time.

“We need the examinations to be held in the relevant year. If that happens, the crisis in education will come to an end.”

source adaderana