Did you confuse our intention about discussing what is happiness and its’ importance? Yes! Even you are familiar with the term “happiness”, do you have a proper idea on how to achieve this status through all life incidences. Often, this discussion will take more psychological manner as this is something related to your feelings. So, as the oxford definition states, happiness can describe as ” status of being happy”. Thus, it is not only describing the smiling and pleasantly sharing your thoughts is same to be happy. But, happiness has some deeper meaning beyond these explanations. Hence, it is better to discuss how to achieve happiness as it without letting the sadness to ruin your day and even life. 

3 Discussing Points about What is Happiness? 

  • Does happiness be a permanent status? 

Yes! We must put our focus on seeing whether happiness is something last for years without changing. But, as with the current shreds of evidence, it is not so. Hence, happiness may depend upon the current status. 

  • Does happiness be a personal factor? 

Yes! It describes the satisfactory outcomes of a person. Even though happiness can be a pleasure to another one, it does not describe this is an emotion that can share with everyone. Still, there might have worrying people within a gang of happy friends. 

  • Can someone sacrifice on behalf of others’ happiness? 

Again, since this is a personal factor, even though someone sacrifices their pleasure for others’ happiness, the acceptance may depend. Thus, they can either be happy, worry or stay neutral. 

  • Does happiness be someones’ quality? 

No! As the definition state, this is a status. So, it can change. And, you cannot differentiate people who are happy and sad. 

  • Does happiness be the same as joy, comedy or emotional? 

It can not exactly describe an enjoyment or laughing for a comedy-drama. So, happiness should be followed by positivity and satisfaction. Another thing is, being emotional also not the real meaning of happiness as people can be emotional with bad experiences too. 

Reasons to Explain Why Happiness is Important! 

Being happy will allow you to be a successful individual. Since this status may offer you a satisfied lifestyle, you will gradually get into positive thinking. So, in the end, you may be able to win the goals though realistic dreams. 

It may also keep you as healthy as possible. You may have heard the happy people have a strengthful immune system. Thus, they can successfully fight against microbe attacks. 

The good social background is a godsend for happy people. If you treat others well, they will also love you. So, happiness may bring you lots of friends, supportive neighbours and friendly staff. 

If you could help others, they will also be happy. Thus, happy people have the potential to make others’ happy. And, often, they are ready to sacrifice their life-goals for others’ happiness. But, since it is a pleasure for them, it does not be a bad experience ever. 

The takeaways! 

Knowing what is happiness and why it is important is a massive subject area in psychology. Yet, the general audience has a sense of both these facts. That is why people are always ready to help others’ and sacrifice the money, events and life goals for others’ happiness. But, if you needed to utilise the things as experts highlight, it is better to read more about how to be happy throughout your life.