Navy assists rescue of fishermen aboard fishing vessel in distress. Sri Lanka Navy today (02nd June 2021) rendered assistance to safely bring ashore a group of fishermen who were aboard a distressed fishing vessel in the Southern seas.

A one-day fishing vessel (Registration Number: IMUL-A-0077 CBO) has left from the Mirissa Fishery Harbour on 31st May 2021 and the 04 fishermen aboard it were in desperate situation after the fishing vessel had capsized due to adverse weather and rough seas, about 40 nautical miles (about 74km) off Galle.

Subsequently, another multi-day fishing trawler in the vicinity has rescued 03 fishermen of the capsized vessel and one fisherman among the rescuees was in critical condition. Responding to a request for assistance by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources from Maritime Rescue Coordinating Center (MRCC) Colombo, Sri Lanka Navy promptly dispatched a Fast Attack Craft attached to the Southern Naval Command to the above sea area in order to bring the distressed fishermen ashore. Accordingly, the fisherman in critical condition along with the 02 other fishermen were safely brought to the Galle harbour by the Navy Fast Attack Craft and they were subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Navy is conducting a search operation, in search of the fishermen who went missing in this unfortunate turn of events.

Remaining true to its bounden duty, the Navy remains standby to respond to distress calls of this nature in Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Region, to assist naval and fishing community.