The schedule of trains operating on the Coastal Line in the morning is revised with effect from today (Oct 20), the Department of Railways says.

The Coastal Line train schedule was initially slated to be revised on October 13. However, it was later decided to postpone the implementation of the amended timetable until the move is properly communicated to the general public.

In a press release issued earlier, the General Manager of Railways stated that the schedule of the trains operating on the Coastal Line in the evening would also be revised in the future.

According to Mr. W.A.D.S. Gunasinghe, the rails on the Coastal Line need to be urgently replaced as the current tracks are in a state of disrepair. This situation forced the Railways Department to impose temporary speed limits on trains up and running on the Coastal Line, he explained.

Against this backdrop, the number of commuters doubled recently, leading to train delays due to overcrowding, the Railways General Manager had said further.

Taking these into consideration, the Railways Department decided to amend the schedule for the trains operating on the Coastal Line from today.

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