Permission granted for anyone to sell goods on the roadside during festive season – Minister


roadside during festive season – Minister

March 26, 2023   11:20 am

Minister of Transport and Highways Bandula Gunawardene states that permission will be granted for anyone to carry out trade activities on the sides of the roads in all parts of the island during the upcoming New Year festive season.

Joining an event held in Galle, the minister expressed that the producers will be allowed to sell their goods on the sides of the roads temporarily, from April 01 to April 18.

“So far, we have reserved such special locations on the sides of the roads for selling garment items in several places including Maharagama city.”

“Accordingly, we will grant the opportunity for the producers who are temporarily engaged in self-employment to sell their products directly to the consumers in the same way in other parts of the country until the end of the festival season”, he said

Furthermore, Minister Gunawardene also emphasized that the manufacturers are temporarily entitled to this permission to sell their products on the sides of the roads without making permanent constructions in the specific areas with the approval and supervision of the Divisional Secretary of the respective area.

source adaderana


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