The overall rate of inflation as measured by the Colombo Consumer Price Index (CCPI) on Year-on-Year basis has decreased to 61% in November 2022 from 66% in October 2022, according to the Department of Census and Statistics.

Inflation of Food Group decreased to 73.7% in November 2022 from 85.6% in October 2022 and the Year on Year inflation of Non Food Group also decreased to 54.5% in November 2022 from 56.3% in October 2022.

For the month of November 2022, on Year-on-Year basis, contribution to inflation by food commodities was 24.80%.

The contribution of Non Food items was 36.16%. This was mainly due to increases in value change in groups of ‘Transport’ (12.07%), ‘Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’, (6.93%), ‘Restaurants & Hotels’ (4.82%), ‘Miscellaneous Goods and Services’ (2.48%), ‘Health’ (2.21%), ‘Education’ (1.95%), ‘Clothing and Footwear’ (1.99%), ‘Furnishing Household Equipment and routine Household Maintenance’ (1.60%), ‘Alcoholic beverages Tobacco and Narcotic (0.70%), ‘Communication’ (0.76%) and ‘Recreation and Culture’ (0.65%).