Tests for identifying drugged drivers to commence in 2023

Road Safety Tips Sri Lanka Drivers Riders
Road Safety Tips Sri Lanka Drivers Riders

The testing of those driving under the influence of narcotics and other abusive substances will commence from next year, State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna has assured.

Accordingly, 5,000 units of the required equipment for this operation have already been handed over to the Police, Alagiyawanna said, speaking at an event in Colombo.

He further added that such tests are now crucial, given the alarming increase in the use of drugs.

“We have to admit the fact that we are currently facing a massive challenge concerning drugs,” he said in this regard, adding the increased risks this has on drivers.

“Nearly 400 deaths happen in a year as a result of drug-related accidents. We need to minimize this,” Alagiyawanna warned

Source – Adaderana.


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