Five Sri Lankans have been detained by the State Border Guards of the Republic of Latvia for allegedly transporting persons who illegally crossed the state border on Wednesday (08).

In Augšdaugava Municipality in Latvia, Border guards have stopped a Peugeot 307 driven by a citizen of Sri Lanka and another citizen of Sri Lanka, both with valid residence permits, was in the seat next to the driver. While checking documents, six persons of Afro-Asian origin were found to be in the car without travel documents, valid visas and residence permits, the State Border Guard of Latvia said.

Issuing a statement, the State Border Guard of Latvia stated that the border guards on suspicion of providing support to migrants also detained three other citizens of Sri Lanka, who were moving in a Volkswagen Polo car.

Criminal proceedings have reportedly been initiated against the detained Sri Lankans under Section285(1)(3) of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia for knowingly ensuring persons the possibility to reside illegally in the Republic of Latvia, if it has been committed by an organised group. 

The applicable punishment is deprivation of liberty for the period of two and up to eight years, the State Border Guard mentioned.

The suspected Sri Lankans were stopped from illegally crossing the state border in accordance with the Cabinet Order No 184 of March 12, 2024 “Regarding Declaration of the Reinforced Operating Regime of the Border Guarding System”, the statement highlighted.

source adaderana