783 people attempting to cross provincial borders sent back

Sri Lanka imposed Inter Provincial travel restrictions
Sri Lanka imposed Inter Provincial travel restrictions

About 783 people and 326 vehicles which attempted to cross provincial borders of the Western Province were turned back by the Police at roadblocks set up at entry and exit points.

Sri Lanka Police arrested 52 persons for violating curfew and quarantine regulations last 24-hour (October 16). Police sent back 783 people after warning those who haven’t valid reasons to cross the provincial boarders and roadblocks. From 2020 October 30th, so far total 80,981 people arrested for not wear face masks, not main social distancing concept and not obey travel restriction & curfew rules.

Wearing mask and social distancing are mandatory in Sri Lanka, if violated Rs.10,000 fine & up to 6 month’s imprisonment.

The Tri-Forces and the Police Special Task Force (STF) has set up roadblocks at all provincial borders including highways entry exit points. 13 roadblocks were setup in entry / exit points to Wester Province. Inter -provincial travel ban will be effective till October 21. (LankaXpress.com)


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