The employees of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) have been on a continuous strike since April 04.

The strike has been launched demanding the payments related to the days they engaged in official activities without taking medical leave to be completed.

Convenor of the Water Supply Trade Union Alliance (WSTUA) Upali Ratnayake stated that no official activities or consumer services would be carried out due to this trade union action.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ratnayake stressed that the water supply might be interrupted as a result of this trade union action, adding that its responsibility should be taken by the relevant authorities.  

“We have been engaged in a continuous trade union action since April 04. As a result, office services and customer services will not be fulfilled. Considering the inconvenience caused to the public, we only operate the activities of the pumping stations. However, maintenance and renewals are not taking place.”

“Accordingly, there is a possibility of water supply being interrupted in certain places”, he claimed.

“We request only to complete our just and legitimate demand to make the payments for the days we have worked without obtaining medical leave”, Mr. Ratnayake expressed.

source adaderana

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