The Sri Lanka Navy carried out special search off the coast of Shanthipuram, Mannar and found 998 kg commercial explosives which was illegally hidden.

The Navy conducts regular operations around the island covering the coastal areas to curb smuggling. Accordingly , a special naval team attached to SriLankan Thammenna and Gajaba of the North Central Naval Command in collaboration with the Mannar Police off the coast of Mannar Shanthipuram. A special search operation was conducted on the day. A suspicious house was searched and 998 kilograms commercial explosives which was illegally hidden in it were found. Lugging water gel (Water Gel), a commercial explosives Two suspects with a stock of 7990 sticks of material (02)  arrested.

This is a commercial explosion called Water Gel The consignment of goods was taken away by smugglers and detonated. It is believed that the illegal use of the fishing was concealed for use in the industry.