Twitter raises character limit to 4,000 for Blue subscribers


In its latest update, Twitter has increased the word limit to 4,000 characters, which was previously 280 characters for its Blue subscribers in the United States. This is more than 14 times the previous restriction for Twitter Blue users in the United States. All non-subscribers and Twitter Blue users are subject to the existing 280-character limit outside the United States.

“Sometimes more words are needed. Longer Tweets are now available for the United States Twitter Blue subscribers,” the site tweeted. The service is $8 per month. 

Last December, Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk said that the microblogging platform’s character limit would increase from 280 to 4,000. It all began when a Twitter user questioned Musk, ‘Elon, is it true that Twitter is planning to increase character limits from 280 to 4000?’ ‘Yes,’ Musk said in response.

Many Twitter users reported an error on the day the 4,000-character feature was introduced. Several users could not tweet, and others could not follow accounts or send direct messages.

In response, Twitter said it was working to resolve the issue and issued a lengthy message announcing the new feature. “Do you need more than 280 characters to express yourself? We know most of you do,” it read. 

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