According to the powers vested with the President, State Minister Susil Premajayantha removed from his post with immediate effect reports President Media Division PMD.

Susil Premajayantha was the State Minister of Education Reforms, Open Universities and Distance Learning Promotion.

Recently the Minister criticized the government and its ministers.

“The Government could have done it if they took the necessary steps beforehand. When there are no fertilisers for the farmers, how can they reap their harvest? The entire country is in jeopardy because this Government has attempted to do what they cannot achieve. People who took these decisions must be held responsible,”

“The Minister of Agriculture has failed. It is my Government, but we are not in a position to make decisions in this Government. We have been forced merely to sit on a bench. It is too late now to make decisions. Now another group has to make decisions, there is no turning back now. The complete responsibility needs to be taken by the subject minister and the people who made these policies and decisions,”