The President addressing the nation says that he has decided to continue to work with IMF. A methodology for the payment of debt installments and sovereign bonds due this year has been discussed with IMF.

President says he held discussions with IMF officials and has decided to hold discussions with the IMF in future.

“We must take action to fill this deficit and increase our foreign exchange reserves.

To this end, we have initiated discussions with international financial institutions as well as with our friendly countries regarding repayment of our loan installments. The government is in discussions with various parties to implement a new method regarding this which will be beneficial to our country. Yesterday’s discussion with the International Monetary Fund was also held for this purpose.

Through those discussions, we hope to find a way to pay off our annual loan installments, sovereign bonds, and so on. Subsequent to my discussions with the International Monetary Fund, I have decided to work with them after examining the advantages and disadvantages.” President addressing the nation.