SL to have nuclear power plant in near future: Atomic Energy Board Chairman


The Cabinet approved signing the international conventions relating to generate electricity using nuclear power as it was a reliable, low-carbon baseload source of electricity to complement renewable energy sources in the future, Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLARB) Chairman Professor S.R.D. Rosa said. 

He told that the country is supposed to have either off-shore or on– shore Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) that have a power capacity of up to 100 MW per unit. Upon signing the conventions, the project will qualify to reach a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as the next step. With the use of nuclear power generators, the country would be able to minimize the use of fossil fuels. 

“The government has sought to implement the project in collaboration with the Russian government. The required technology will be provided by them, and they had also agreed to take back the nuclear waste.

The Russian government has the technology to reprocess the nuclear waste,” the Prof. Rosa said. 

A feasibility study has been conducted to identify suitable land for establishing a nuclear power plant, however, the first priority would be given to the barge-mounted power plant. Electricity is vital for society’s functioning, and the steady production of nuclear electricity will help us avoid shortages and outages. Sri Lanka is seeking to increase and diversify its power production capacity. The government is looking at nuclear power as a reliable and low carbon option for its energy mix as it aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the power sector by 2050.

source daily mirror


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