Severe shortage of medical faculty lecturers


Medical Faculty Students’ Action Committee alleges that there is a severe shortage of lecturers in every medical faculty in the country.

Convenor of the association Naveen Tharaka stated that final-year professorial units for the newly-established medical faculties in Moratuwa, Sabaragamuwa and North Western universities are yet to be formed.

“The final-year students in those medical faculties are supposed start to their academic year this year. There are no plans as of yet to begin establishing those professorial units. There isn’t even a building for the Medical Faculty at the University of Moratuwa”, he stressed.

“The medical education in the country is carried on amidst many issues like this,” the student activist raised concerns, pointing out that there is no solution in sight for the shortage of lecturers.

Taking issue with the government’s bid to establish three more private medical colleges in the country, he said plans are already afoot to provide them with clinical training at government hospitals.

source adaderana


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