Woman falls off bike as saree gets entangled in wheel, dies


Female (56) died following a motorcycle accident that occurred after her Saree got entangled in the motorbike’s Tyre throwing bike off-balance in Kopai area.

A woman has died due to a accident that took place near Jaffna Poind Pedro Junction in Kopai Police area on December 25th at noon.
The deceased was a fifty-six-year-old resident of Kopai.

The woman was traveling with her daughter on a motorcycle when a Saree worn by the deceased got caught in the back wheel of the motorcycle and the accident happened. The daughter is also being treated in Jaffna Hospital after being injured in this accident.

There is a significant increase in the number of road accidents and road accidents related deaths in Sri Lanka according to statistics. So far this year over 2300 persons died due to road traffic accidents. The total number of road accidents reported in the year 2022 was over 19,000. Most of victims were motorcycle riders & pillion riders, Three-wheel drivers & passengers and pedestrians. (LankaXpress.com)

(File Photo – Internet )


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