Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment has requested Katsuki Kotara, Senior Ambassador in charge of the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka, to provide employment opportunities in Japan within the next few months to thousands of school dropouts who do not speak Japanese.

Minister of Labor Manusha Nanayakkara called on a delegation of senior Japanese diplomats including Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Katsuki Kotara (26) to discuss ways to strengthen ties between the two countries and provide more employment opportunities for young people in Japan.

The Minister of Labor has requested Japan to provide employment opportunities to young people who do not have language proficiency in the future, as most employment opportunities in Japan are currently open to young people who have studied the language. Accordingly, he requested that the opportunity be given to a thousand young people who have dropped out of school to go to Japan and learn the language and get a job.

Responding positively, Katsuki Kotara, Senior Ambassador to the Embassy of Japan in charge, said that Japan was always working to provide more employment opportunities to Sri Lanka. He said Japan was keen to provide employment opportunities for Sri Lankans, especially in the nursing sector, and that employment opportunities in this sector were growing as Japan’s aging population increased.

There was a lengthy exchange of views on imparting Japanese language proficiency to young job seekers abroad and providing them with employment opportunities in Japan and the resumption of the program of sending Japanese language teachers to Sri Lanka through JICA.