At the beginning of the Christmas season, the Sri Lanka Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main marketed and exhibited ‘Ceylon Tea’ with a unique tea meditation in the ‘Ronnefeld Tea House’ in Frankfurt located in the award winning Multi Brand Myzeil Center, one of Germany’s largest shopping and leisure complexes. The advertising event offered a range of Ceylon teas for a select group of media, airline officials, and businesspeople while adhering to current pandemic restrictions in Germany.

All of the guests were led through a Tea meditation, during which they sat back and relaxed as they were transported a sensory journey to the world of tea gardens of Sri Lanka, where the tea leaves are grown with utmost care to produce the best tea in the world.

Guests were comforted to hold warm cups of tea and inhale the aroma of freshly brewed Ceylon Tea while relishing the mindful tea moments as Europe is presently experiencing winter, with temperatures as low as 3 degrees celsius, notably in Germany.  When they were down to their last cup, they continued to enjoy the tea, sip by sip, savouring each one and gradually allowing themselves to be more conscious of their surroundings.

Following that, they were introduced to the distinct flavours, aromas, and textures of Ceylon Tea from seven different regions in Sri Lanka by Consul General Madurika Joseph Weninger, who marketed Sri Lanka as the perfect island vacation offering emerald tea gardens where visitors can spend tranquil moments with breath-taking views while learning about the finer points of tea and its numerous health benefits. The attendees were given complimentary packs of Ceylon Tea and leaflets, as well as tourism mementoes and booklets.

The tea tasting was guided by Jutta Tarlan, the Manager of the ‘Ronnefeld Tea House,’ who spoke of the high standards of ‘Ceylon Tea,’ and how the quality of the tea they sell is a top priority for them. “We select only the best-growing countries for our tea and undertake frequent quality testing to match our high requirements,” she added.

Due to its focus on quality, originality, and love of tea, Ronnefeld has a long history of success as one of the world’s leading traditional tea companies. They make certain that their consumers have access to quality teas grown in the world’s best tea gardens, which are offered in top hotels and sold in malls, and tea houses located across major cities.

 The Ronnefeldt Tea Academy provides future tea professionals with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and discover new possibilities in the world of tea so that they may provide the best service for their restaurant or hotel. Their gold training programme focuses on perfecting tea skills and includes a trip to several tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

The timing of the event was ideal, as Frankfurt’s commercial centre was overwhelmed with Christmas shoppers during the holiday season. The Consulate General was able to raise awareness of Sri Lanka’s rich tea culture, health advantages, various flavours, processing techniques, and presentation styles among the attendees.

Source – Consulate General of Sri Lanka Frankfurt am Main