National People’s Power NPP announce several short-term proposals to end the current political crisis and bring political stability in the country.

Short-term proposals

1. Incumbent President Gotabhaya Rajapakse should step down immediately.

2. In the absence of a current Prime Minister, the Speaker should act as the Caretaker President.

3. As the present government and the composition of the present parliament no longer represent the people’s mandate, and the people’s confidence in the government has been lost and the people will not accept any change made in the present parliament, a new government should be formed within 6 months with a new mandate. As a temporary governance structure for the time being we propose the following: a. Allow the National People’s Power to elect an interim government through Parliament since the National People’s Power is ready to take on the responsibility of ending the current political crisis and anarchy and taking the country on a new path.

b. If not, form an interim government in the current parliament for a short period of time. In that case, the members of the National People’s Power will support the initiative while in opposition

4. The interim government, which will be appointed in any of the above ways, shall perform the following functions.

i. The 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which limits the powers of President and limits the term of office of the current President, should be brought and passed in Parliament immediately.

ii. Steps should be taken to provide the much-needed relief to alleviate the severe economic pressures currently faced by the people.

iii. An amendment to the Constitution to abolish the executive presidency should be presented to the Parliament and approved.

iv. A referendum should be held simultaneously with the general election for the constitutional amendment to abolish the current executive presidency, so that a new government can be established within six months of the formation of the caretaker government.

v. An Oversight/Advisory body should be appointed to oversee the functioning of the interim government as agreed. It should consist of representatives of the People’s struggle, religious leaders, representatives of various professional organizations and civil society organizations, including trade union representatives involved in the current people’s movement.