Labour migration to be digitalised soon: Manusha


Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that they are planning to digitalize the migration process.

While addressing an event organized to commemorate “International Migrants Day” today, he said that as a country, we are in the process of “digitalizing” the whole country while moving the country to a digital economic era.

By digitalizing the migration process, we would be able to send the skilled local community in a professional way to factories and other job opportunities.

After introducing the digital platform, all paperwork will be ceased, and it will help curb sending people for foreign employment using forged passports and visa rackets while ensuring the safety of the local migrants.

So, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) can charge a fixed rate for migrants in a transparent manner.

Meanwhile, the SLBFE has been strengthened to reduce female migration by up to 24%, Minister Nanayakkara said.

People on the outer circle tell him that the SLBFE was sending women as migrants to earn foreign exchange.

“This is not true; only 24% of the female community out of the total number of migrants has migrated and lesser number of women had gone to work in the domestic sector,” he said.

Most of the migrants are skilled workers, professionals, or semi-skilled workers. There is no migration of unskilled workers.

source-daily mirror


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