The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) has revised its fuel prices with effect from midnight on November 30.

Accordingly, the price of a litre of Petrol 92 Octane is to be reduced by Rs. 10 to Rs. 346 while Petrol Octane 95 will be increased by Rs. 3 per litre to Rs. 426.

Auto Diesel will be reduced by Rs. 27 while Super Diesel is to be increased by Rs. 3. The respective new prices will be Rs. 329 and Rs. 434 per litre.

Meanwhile the price of kerosene will be reduced by Rs.2 with the new price dropping to Rs. 247 per litre. 

The revised prices are as follows:

• Petrol 92 Octane – Rs. 346 (reduced by Rs. 10)
• Petrol Octane 95 – Rs. 426 (increased by Rs. 3)
• Auto Diesel – Rs. 329 (reduced by Rs. 27)
• Super Diesel – Rs. 434 (increased by Rs. 3)
• Lanka Kerosene – Rs. 247 (reduced by Rs.2)

Sinopec Energy Lanka (Pvt) Limited – the Beijing-based oil and gas giant’s subsidiary in Sri Lanka – too has revised the prices of its petroleum products in keeping with the amended rates announced by Ceypetco.

This price revision will also come into effect from midnight on November 30.


Meanwhile Lanka IOC, the local subsidiary of the Indian Oil Corporation, also announced that it would follow the same fuel price revisions as CEYPETCO.