Former President Maithripala Sirisena has publicly apologized to the entire Catholic community of Sri Lanka for the Easter Sunday Attacks of 2019.

Sirisena stated this while speaking at a press conference this morning (31 Jan.), further assuring that he is currently taking all means necessary to pay the fine imposed by the courts on him in this regard.

He further noted, however, that it has not been stated in the relevant judgment issued by the court that he, during his tenure as the Head of State, made a mistake which led to the attacks, but that the President shall be held responsible for the grave mistake committed by those officials appointed by him.

‘‘This is why the courts have imposed a fine of RS. 100 million against me. I have accepted this with respect, and am trying to pay it however I can, with the help of my loved ones’’, he said.

source Adaderana

I have no funds to pay Rs 100mn, will collect from friends: Maithripala