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CEB incurs nearly Rs. 80mn in losses due to electricity thefts

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) says it has suffered a loss to the tune of nearly Rs. 80 million within the first 8 months of 2023 due to unlawfully altered electrical installations and electricity meters.

The state-run electricity utility said some people have resorted to illegal tapping into power lines and tampering with meters in an attempt to avoid making payments for the energy consumed.

As such, the CEB has incurred a loss amounting to Rs. 79,074,856 between January and August this year as a result of electricity thefts.

The CEB mentioned that, during this period, 1,041 raids were conducted against meter tampering and 81 against illegal tapping into power lines.

According to the official figures, the loss suffered from meter tampering added up to a total of Rs. 76,427,649 while the loss from direct tapping from powerlines amounted to Rs. 2,647,207

After producing the apprehended people before the court, the electricity utility has collected Rs. 3,695,500 in fines.


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