Sri Lanka “LankaXpress” – All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama ACJU kindly request the Muslim community in Sri Lanka to follow the safety guidelines in order to seek protection from the risk of Coronavirus spreading again in the country.

Recital of Qunooth An-Nazila for a period of one month during the Five-time obligatory prayers and engaging in good deeds such as making Du’a (supplicating), doing Dhikr (remembrance of Allah), Isthighfar (seeking forgiveness) and offering Sadaqah (charity) in order to be relieved from these testing times.
(The relevant Du’a and a detailed explanation on Qunooth An-Nazila could be read by website.

Adherence to the complete guidelines set out by the Health authorities and Wakf board, especially the number of worshippers allowed inside a mosque for prayers should not exceed the number stipulated by the government authorities. The public are kindly urged to extend support to the Mosque authorities in this regard.

Those who do not get the opportunity to pray inside the mosques due to the heath guidelines, are requested to pray in Jama’ath (congregational) prayers with their family in their respective houses and to utilize the precious nights of the final 10 days of Ramadhaan by engaging in good deeds to obtain the highest rewards and making special Du’as for our country and the entire world.

The following Hadith could be cited to infer that fulfilling Fardh (obligatory) prayers at home in this manner also fetches the same rewards, as it does through congregational prayers at mosques.

Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari (RA) narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SalallahuAlaihi WaSallam) stated: “A believer, who is unwell or is engaged in long travel will get the same rewards written in his name as he would get for the good deeds he does when he is healthy and is in his hometown” (Saheehul Bukhari)

Avoiding large gatherings in shops or markets when buying essential items and strictly following the stipulated health guidelines at the time of purchasing.

May Almighty Allah protect the citizens of our Motherland and the people around the world from such deadly diseases, Aameen!

Ash-Shaikh M. Arkam Nooramith – General Secretary -All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama