If you’re planning on taking a trip shortly, then chances are you have been doing your research. There is nothing more important than being well prepared and having all of your bases covered when traveling these days. In this day and age, technology has evolved to the point that we can pretty much bring our entire office with us when we travel. As far as gadgets go, here are seven trendy ones that have taken the world by storm in recent years:

1: Drone:

The coolest gadget you can get your hands on today is the drone featured in almost every major movie over the last five years.  You can do amazing things with drones, such as take pictures from angles never before seen or deliver packages to any destination within minutes (for a fee).  These days, you can even fly one yourself if you’re not too squeamish about having a high-powered object whizzing through the air around you.

2: Solar Charger:

If you’re going to visit a place where the power goes out during a storm, or there isn’t any electricity, then it’s always best to carry your solar charger with you.  These were once bulky and cumbersome, but these days they can easily fit in one hand and often have enough power to charge your gadgets 10x over before needing to be charged themselves.

3: Super Suitcase:

When traveling from one location to another, it’s all about convenience.  With a super suitcase smart, travelers can track their luggage wherever they might go, safely store valuables without worrying if the hotel room will be safe, and spend less time at baggage claim by using the suitcase to check themselves in at the airport paying for luggage fees in seconds.  These nifty suitcases can usually be easily managed with your legs when you fly (you’ll need to remove them when they get scanned) and are available in many styles, including standard carry-ons, sports equipment cases, pets carriers, etc.

4: Portable Gaming Device:

Suppose you’re not looking to be constantly connected when traveling overseas but still want to entertain yourself. At the same time, away from all of your familiar gadgets, it’s best to check out some new portable gaming devices.  You might have seen this one coming since video games have been popular for decades now but what most people don’t know is that these days the majority of these gaming devices can also connect to your TV wirelessly and provide hours of fun for the whole family (including mom and dad).

5: Pocket Projector:  

The pocket projector is a device that can display anything from images, videos, or even television shows onto any surface.  It means that you could transform a hotel room’s drab wall into an immersive viewing experience in seconds.  You can even hook it up to your favorite gaming consoles and enjoy any game projected on the screen while sitting on the bed.

6: Smart Watch:   

Everyone has smartphones these days, so why would we need smartwatches?  Well, since they’re worn on our wrists, they’re always with us, which means we can track our health through them or even make payments via our watches. Moreover, some smartwatches also have spy cams, making them more unique with this feature.  It’s also much easier to see your wrist than dig in your pockets for a gadget that might not be there.

7: Virtual Headsets:   

The virtual headset is the dream gadget of every traveler because it allows you to visit any location in the world from wherever you happen to be.  Whether you want to feel like you’re actually on a beach in Cancun, skiing down some powdery slopes, or hiking up a mountain thousands of miles away, these headsets have been designed with absolute authenticity, which means they’ll have you believe that you’re there almost immediately.

Wrapping Up!

As technology continues to play a major role in our lives, more and more gadgets are popping up to make traveling easier. Given the fact that many of us already have an array of these devices at home, spending a little extra while on vacation doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.