Sri Lanka Navy prevents 11 Indian fishing vessels from entering Sri Lankan waters. By virtue of special patrols being conducted in the sea area close to the Palk Strait these days to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Sri Lankan waters, the Navy was able to prevent 11 Indian fishing vessels with 86 individuals, from their suspicious attempt to enter into Sri Lankan waters May 4th.

The Sri Lanka Navy has stepped up security in the northwestern and northern waters by increasing 24-hour patrols, as there is a risk of the surge in the transmission of COVID19 pandemic in the country due to possible illegal migration attempts via sea routes. Incidentally, in a similar patrol carried out in the sea area south of Mannar, the Navy managed to prevent these 11 Indian fishing vessels, which were suspected to have attempted to enter into island’s waters, from their unlawful attempt.

Upon informing the Indian High Commission and Indian Coast Guard, arrangements are in place to hand over the 11 Indian fishing vessels and 86 persons to Indian authorities for onward action. Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Navy continues to increase surveillance in northwestern and northern waters to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country by sea.