Ongoing Travel restrictions will be extended till June 14 Monday 4.00 AM. Hence travel restrictions will NOT relaxed June 7 as announced earlier.

The following decisions have been taken at the Covid Control Task Force meeting held May 24 at the Presidential Secretariat under the patronage of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with the aim of mitigating the spread of covid 19 pandemic.
• Travel restrictions will be June 14 from 4.00 AM.
• Only groceries, pharmacies, vegetable, fish and meat shops and bakeries are permitted to open when restriction are relaxed June 14.
• Liquor shops will remain closed.
• One person from a household is allowed to go to the nearest outlet to purchase essential consumer items.
• Previous method based on last digit of the NIC number is not applicable for leaving home till June 14
• Mobile sale vehicles will be deployed at the local level to facilitate the purchase of essential food items during the restricted period.
• The Air Force will use drone technology to monitor violations of travel restrictions.