Sri Lanka teachers online teaching strike continue. Students studies badly disrupted

Sri Lanka Teachers Strike and Students Online Education Impact
Sri Lanka Teachers Strike and Students Online Education Impact

Sri Lanka teachers’ unions to continue the online teaching strike as talks with Education Minister failed. Unions say they had a discussion with education officials this morning but couldn’t reach a win-win solution. The strike action enters to the 9th day. Due to the strike, online education and Zoom Technology classes disrupted island wide. Teachers and principals of Sri Lankan government schools across the country withdraw from the online education program for students from July 12.

The trade union action launched by teachers belonging to 14 teachers ‘unions, including the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, to withdraw from online teaching activities is still active for the 9th day today. The strike was launched against the forcible quarantine of teachers’ union leaders and several other demands. Joseph Stalin, Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union, was arrested on 08 July and released on bail by the police on charges of violating the quarantine laws during the protest against the Kotelawala DefenCe University Bill. Recently government released the Joseph Stalin but teachers are demanding to solve their other issues.

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