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Protest in Mirihana -Curfew Lifted

Update – Police curfew imposed for Colombo North, South, Central, and Kelaniya, Nugegoda, Mount Lavinia police divisions lifted from 5 am today.

According to Police spokesman, about 50 people arrested over the incident. 5 police officers injured including an ASP and being treated at hospitals following the protest. One police bus, 1 police jeep, 2 Motor bikes burnt and one water cannon truck damaged.

President’s Media Division issuing a statement says that an organized group of extremists were behind yesterday’s unrest in Jubilee Post, Nugegoda.

Police fired tear gas & use water cannons to disperse protestors on Pengiriwatte Road, Mirihana leading to President’s private residence. Police STF and Army deployed to control the situation.

5 police officers reportedly injured following tense situation. According to reports about 10 civilians and 2 journalists injured during tense situation. Injured persons have been admitted to Colombo National hospital and Kalubovila hospital. A bus and several vehicles have been set on fire by the protestors. As protests intensified, Police curfew imposed for Colombo North, South, Central, Nugegoda Mount Lavinia and Kelanoya police areas until further notice.

A large scale protest is being staged along the road leading to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence in Pengiriwatte, Mirihana. The 119 bus route completely blocked due to the protest.

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