Prices of most of the essential commodities in country have gone up at present and the Government is paying close attention to this and taking the highest possible measures to control the prices of the essential commodities which have increased says State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna.

Minister further says that one of the reasons for the increase in rice prices is the increase in the price of paddy, especially in the case of intermediate paddy collectors who collect paddy and creating a shortage in the market and selling it at a higher price.

Officials have carried out market investigations to found unregistered paddy warehouses in the North Central and Eastern Provinces during the last week and the Consumer Affairs Authority has sealed off 8,000 metric tons of 52 unregistered paddy stores.

Meanwhile Consumer Affairs Authority CAA has sealed nearly 5,400 metric tons of sugar in 3 sugar stores in the Seeduwa area in Gampaha August 28 and today.

In addition, the action taken to supply red sugar to Sathosa and Co-operatives from Pelwatta and Sevanagala sugar factories with intervention of the State Minister Janaka Wakkubura from next Wednesday onwards. As a result, Sathosa and Co-operatives will be able to sell brown sugar at Rs. 130 / – per kilo from next Wednesday.

Accordingly, after next Wednesday, red sugar will be available at Rs. 130 / – per kg through Sathosa and Co-operative.