President Ranil Wickremesinghe has highlighted the need for the drafting of a new foreign policy which would enable Sri Lanka to forge broader foreign relations while safeguarding its sovereignty.

During a meeting with the ten newly appointed Sri Lankan Ambassadors and a High Commissioner on Wednesday (04 Jan.), Wickremesinghe stressed the need of a good foreign service which will be able to forge broader relations with many countries while safeguarding the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

The diplomats paid a courtesy call on the President at the Presidential Secretariat prior to leaving for their missions yesterday.

Accordingly, the Head of State emphasised that the most important objective, currently, is for the relevant diplomats to build contacts within their respective countries and to safeguard the rights of Sri Lankans overseas.

He further warned the diplomats that while assisting the diaspora in their affairs is also a priority, they must refrain from getting involved in the politics of the Sri Lankan diaspora.

A Sri Lankan Diaspora Office is due to be established to deal with the political issues that the diaspora may have, Wickremesinghe assured in this regard.

Moreover, an International Trade Office will also be established, in place of the existing Department of Commerce, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently formulating a draft of Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy and Foreign Service for 2030, which is expected to be approved by both, the Cabinet and the Parliament.