A donation of essential medicines worth over Nepal Rupees 25 lakhs was handed over to the Embassy of Sri Lanka by the All Nepal Bhikkhu Association (ANBA) and the “Hands for Sri Lanka” committee formed under the ANBA to coordinate the project,on 04 July 2022.

The handing over ceremony was graced by the Chief Sanganayaka of Nepal, Ven. Bodhisena Maha Thero and monks representing the ANBA including its President Ven. Dhamma Sobhana Thero, ANBA Committee Members, coordinator of the project Ven. Pannasara Thero and lay representatives of “Hands for Sri Lanka”.

The Chief Sangha Nayaka Thero, who had made the first contribution, highlighted the strong religious bond between the two countrieswhich led the ANBA to initiate the “Hands for Sri Lanka” project to help the Sri Lankan people at this time of need. He further underlined Sri Lanka’s contribution to Theravada Buddhism in Nepal, and the number of monks who have received education in Sri Lanka over the years. President of the ANBA, Ven Dhamma Sobhana Thero also addressed the gathering and highlighted the instances of mutual humanitarian assistance between Sri Lanka and Nepal including the assistance received from Sri Lanka after the earthquake in 2015.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Nepal Himalee Arunatilaka conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the Nepali people who have generously contributed towards the project. The Ambassador also thanked the ANBA and all members of “Hands for Sri Lanka” for their commitment and efforts in organizing the donation of essential medicines to the Sri Lankan people.

The event concluded with Seth pirith chanting by the Venerable members of the Maha Sanga to invoke blessings on the people of both Sri Lanka and Nepal.

“Hands for Sri Lanka” committee set up under the ANBA, comprises ANBA members and lay representatives from the Young Men’s Buddhist Association Nepal, Darmodhaya Sabha, Yubha Buddha Samuhain Bhaktapur, Women Buddhist Association of Nepal and Yubha Buddha Samuha in Kathmandu. 

This is the second consignment of medicines sent from Nepal to Sri Lanka, the first being a donation from Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, in early June. Sri Lankan Airlines assisted the Embassy in transporting the consignment of medicines to Colombo.