New proposed reforms: Govt. mixed up with priorities: GMOA

Token strike launched by the GMOA ends
Token strike launched by the GMOA ends

Referring to the proposed new reforms to the health sector, Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) charged that the Government has failed to figure out priorities.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, GMOA Media Spokesman Dr. Chamil Wijesinghe said, “The most pressing concerns right now are the shortage of medicines, brain drain of medical officers, issues with procurement and quality of drugs,”

“Instead of addressing the aforementioned issues, formulation of a new medical act and repealing NMRA act is not the need of the hour,”

“In fact, the existing NMRA is far more adequate to strengthen the drug regulation rather introducing a new one. What needs to be done is to properly empower the existing act and implement it,” he stressed.

Therefore, the GMOA urged the Government to relook at the proposed reforms and address the most pressing issues first before opting for long-term proposals. 

Token strike launched by the GMOA ends


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