In the wake of inclement weather, the Navy mobilized its relief teams in Parakramapura of Padaviya, Anuradhapura since 03rd December 2023. Committed to their relief efforts, the Navy teams have been continuing their services in full swing even today (15th December).

On 15th December, the Weherathanna and Weli Ela low-water crossings along the Vavuniya-Padaviya road in the Anuradhapura district were inundated as a result of the overflow of the Ma Oya. Due to the prevailing circumstances, access to the Vavuniya Padaviya road has been restricted, affecting the daily requirements of the local population. To address this issue, the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) relief teams are utilizing dinghies to ensure essential transportation for residents commuting for tasks in the region.

Since 03rd December, a total of 2381 individuals from Weherathanna low-water crossing and, starting from 11th December, 337 people from Weli Ela law-water crossing have been assisted by the Navy, ensuring their transportation needs are met through the use of dinghies. Moreover, the Navy is ready to send out additional relief teams whenever the need arises. (SLN)