Jaffna, December 16, 2023: The 9th edition of the Jaffna International Cinema Festival kicked off on December 14, promising a week-long celebration of independent cinema on the picturesque peninsula. Running until December 19, the festival serves as a non-partisan platform, embracing diverse forms of creative expression within the world of cinema.

Dedicated to fostering an appreciation for independent filmmaking, the festival seeks to build bridges of understanding between cultures and promote harmony through the powerful medium of cinema. Organizers are keen on providing a platform for emerging talent, particularly young filmmakers, by showcasing their debut films and short works.

The festival invites film enthusiasts, both from Sri Lanka and the international community, to immerse themselves in the unique cinematic experiences brought forth by a new generation of storytellers. By bringing together a diverse range of films, the Jaffna International Cinema Festival aims to create an atmosphere that transcends borders, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of global cinema.

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December 19