Chairman of the Public Finance Committee Dr. Harsha de Silva has instructed the Finance and Trade Ministry to calculate and give the final price at which an egg could be sold.

The Chairman has instructed the officials to calculate the price of an egg in consideration of the regulations under the Import and Export (Control) Act No. 1 of 1969 related to the import of poultry feed into Sri Lanka.

This matter was discussed at the Committee on Public Finance held in Parliament recently under the chairmanship of Dr. Harsha de Silva.

The Committee has also discussed the regulations under the Casino Business (Regulation) Act No. 17 of 2010, where the members of the Committee were of the opinion that it would be best to consider the approval after making it more effective to develop the country.

The committee also drew attention to the existing problems due to the absence of a casino regulatory authority. Dr. de Silva said that no casino licence is granted without a casino regulatory body in any country in the world.

Source – Daily Mirror