Minister of Education, Susil Premajayantha says that the G.C.E Ordinary Level examination for the academic year 2022 will be held at the end of April or the beginning of May, the next year.

Attending a special press conference held today (Nov. 27), the minister emphasized that they have to make arrangements for the Grade 05 scholarship examination, which is scheduled to be held on December 18 accordingly.

“The G.C.E O/L examination needs to be held at the end of April or the beginning of May, since we had postponed the Advanced Level examination for about one and a half months”, he said.

Minister Premajayantha also stated that they hope to hold all related examinations within the year 2023 on time, as much as possible. 

Meanwhile in terms of uniforms, 70% of uniforms have been sourced from China, he claimed, adding that the first stock of them will be received within the 3rd week of December. 

Accordingly, school uniforms will be distributed by March next year, the minister said.

Further, he expressed that the attention of the Cabinet has been paid regarding the raised prices of stationary materials due to the Cess levy and that the measures will be taken to reduce the Cess levy imposed on exercise books.

In the meantime, the university students who are voicing their rights by staying within the universities for years have deprived the space for more new students to enter the universities, minster Premajayantha added.

Speaking to the media, the minister pointed out that a student who stays in the university for 8 to 10 years deprives at least the opportunity of 08 other students to enter into the universities.

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