Christmas message From President

Christmas message
Christmas message

The dawn of Christmas is a day to reminisce and celebrate God’s love for humanity, by the birth of Jesus Christ as the savior of human kind. It is a joyous festival of humanity and peace, that proclaims the liberation of the poor and oppressed. The birth of baby Jesus in impoverished surroundings signifies the dedication of His life to creating a better society.

In the country’s current unprecedented economic crisis, it is important for the people to extend compassion to one another, and assist each other. This would be a salutation to the testaments of Jesus Christ.

It is appropriate to recall the appeal of His Holiness Pope Francis for a humble Christmas this year, with the savings from reduced spending on gifts to be donated to the needy and value humanity.

It is the Government’s aspiration to present the joy of Christmas to the entirety of society. It is imperative for all citizens to resolve to fulfill their responsibilities this Christmas season, and propagate devotion to all.

As we celebrate the event of the birth of Jesus Christ, I pray that our country will soon be restored with prosperity. I wish everyone a happy Christmas in which the gospel of humanity, harmony and sacrifice that Jesus Christ desired, will spread far and wide.

Source – PMD


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