According to the officials, water levels of several hydro power reservoirs are decreasing due to prevailing dry weather condition in Sri Lanka. Water levels of Victoria, Castlereagh and Maussakele reservoirs are dropping due to prevailing dry weather condition in the western slopes of the central hills.

Due to the current crisis in the country in thermal power and coal power, the hydropower plants are generating hydro power at maximum capacity to provide uninterrupted power supply to the public.

With the prevailing dry weather conditions, it will not be possible to generate hydro power electricity in its maximum capacity for a long time.

Ceylon Electricity Board CEB Engineers Union says that it is possible to impose about 1 hour power cut from January 24. They further says that 2 hour power cut will be imposed under 4 categories from January 25th.

Meanwhile, Minister Gamini Lokuge says there will be NO power cuts January 24th as Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation CPC has supplied required fuel stocks to Power Stations.