Sri Lanka should not remain stagnated & should progress commercially -The Maha Sanga says. The Maha Sanga emphasizes that a country should not remain in one place without moving ahead and it should endeavour to progress commercially towards success.

The Maha Sanga shared these views as they were informed about the Colombo Port City project during the 10th discussion with the Buddhist Advisory Council at the Presidential Secretariat today(23).

State Minister Ajith Nivard Cabraal spoke about the project in-depth and enlightened its benefits to both the economy and the country.

Expanding the landmass of the country and paving the way to new investment opportunities is a victory for the country. Instead of propagating falsehoods and opposing everything, we must unite to stand tall as a nation. The Theros emphasized that the citizenry should be properly educated and clarify the actual position to remove their doubts with regard to the project in order to garner their support and accomplish the aims of the Colombo Port City project.

The President briefed the Maha Sangha on the instructions issued by the health sector with regard to new COVID-19 variants.

The Committee appointed to look into the individuals who misinterpret and spread falsehoods about the Buddha’s character, the Tripitaka and Buddhist sacred sites and make recommendations accordingly, informed the Advisory Council about its proposals during the discussion.

It was proposed to submit the opinions and views of the Maha Sangha to these proposals at the next Advisory Council meeting.

The members of the Maha Sangha who represent the Buddhist Advisory Council, State Minister Vidura Wickramanayaka and several government officials were present at the council meeting.

President’s Media Division