Health experts urge parents, youth and children not to fall prey to superstitions & myths about vaccines. Also experts request public and youth to get the booster vaccines. Specialist doctors urge parents to direct their children for vaccination without hesitation.

According to COVID19 Vaccine rollout tracking, So far over 8 million booster doses of the coronavirus vaccines have been administered in Sri Lanka. About 19,000 persons over the 20+ years of age have been administered the Pfizer vaccine so far as 4th dose.

” The world is experiencing one of the largest COVID waves of the pandemic, and it’s fueled by the Omicron BA.5 subvariant, the most contagious and most immune-evasive coronavirus strain yet. In Sri Lanka also hospitalizations will likely keep going up in the current BA.5 wave. BA.5 has the same key L452R mutation that the Delta variant had. We all know what happens when delta was here with us. 1. Get your booster 2. Mask up at least indoors 3. Test if you are symptomatic” says Dr. Chandima Jeewandara.

From where you can get the 2nd Booster ?

  • Nearest Hospital
  • Nearest MOH Office
  • VijaramahaDevi Park Colombo
Take the 2nd BOOSTER DOSE without delay – Omicron BA.5 subvariant spreading in Sri Lanka
Take the 2nd BOOSTER DOSE without delay – Omicron BA.5 subvariant spreading in Sri Lanka

A booster vaccine is 88% effective at preventing people ending up in hospital with Covid-19, new data from the UK Health Security Agency suggests, BBC reports.

It found that a single vaccine dose reduced the risk of needing hospital treatment by 52%. Adding the second dose increased the protection to 72%, although after 25 weeks that protection had faded to 52%. And two weeks after getting a third dose, that protection against hospitalisation was boosted to 88%.

World Health Organization WHO says it’s reasonable to believe the vaccines will offer some protection against Omicron variant.

Do not to fall prey to myths about vaccines, get the vaccines without delay – Experts