The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) today claimed that there is a huge shortage of white sugar in the local market.

NMCRP head Ranjith Vithanage told the Daily Mirror that the shortage is due to the controlled price imposed on sugar.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has issued a gazette notification setting a maximum retail price (MRP) for sugar with effect from November 3.

Despite the maximum retail price for white sugar, which is Rs. 295, retail shops still sell a kilo of white sugar ay Rs. 330 per kilo.

Meanwhile, CAA chairman Shantha Niriella said that CAA officials are still conducting raids to stop sugar being sold beyond the retail price.

“We are still checking the white sugar stocks at warehouses,” he said.

Therefore, the CAA chairman requested the consumers to inform the authority on the sale of white sugar beyond the controlled price.

According to the gazette notification, the maximum retail price for unpacketed white and brown sugar will be Rs. 275 and Rs. 300 per kilo, respectively. The maximum retail price for packaged white and brown sugar will be Rs. 295 and Rs. 350, respectively.

Recently, the President issued an order to raise the import levy on sugar from 25 cents to Rs. 50 overnight, with effect from November 4.

-daily mirror