A group of the Vedda Community under its leader Uruvarigelage Wannila Aththo has decided to contest the upcoming local election for the first time.

They will contest under the banner of National Democratic Front for Mahiyangana, Soranathota and Haliela Pradeshiya Sabhas and Badulla Municipal Council.

Electoral Organiser of National Democratic Front for Mahiyangana and leader of the group Indika Nuwan Kumara and other candidates yesterday made cash deposits with the Badulla District Elections Office.

He told the media that Wannila Aththo will be the leader of the National Democratic Front and the Vedda Community would contest the election for all local authorities in the Ampara District.

“Several candidates of the indigenous clan will contest the election. We voted for the main political parties at the successive elections since independence but they left us in the lurch,” he said.

source-daily mirror