The government is gearing up to introduce a new piece of legislation to put an end to the scourge of ragging, the inhumane harassment faced by university freshmen. State Minister of Higher Education, Suren Ragawan, made this announcement during a press conference, emphasizing the gravity of the issue.

A committee, appointed by President Ranil Wickremesinghe, has been tasked with formulating this crucial legislation aimed at curbing ragging. Minister Ragawan stressed that the days of ragging in universities are numbered.

He explained that this committee comprises representatives from the President’s office, the Prime Minister, the University Grants Commission (UGC), the police, and the Vice Chancellors Association. Together, they will delve into the issue of ragging and play a pivotal role in eradicating this social menace once and for all.

Minister Ragawan emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to implementing this new law, recalling a statement made by the late MP Neelan Thiruchelvam, who questioned the practical enforcement of laws in Sri Lanka.

He said under the impending legislation, Vice Chancellors of universities and other administrators will be held accountable in case ragging incidents occur in state universities. State institutions responsible for higher education will always be held liable whenever the rights of a university student are violated, as outlined in the upcoming laws. This proactive approach underscores the government’s determination to protect the well-being of university students and ensure a harassment-free environment for them.

-daily mirror