Reports say Authorities to reject the recent Gas shipment by Litro as it has been found that ethyl mercaptan levels are below the expected standard set by Sri Lanka, reports Hirunews.

Recently CAA allowed Gas Companies to issue domestic gas to the market under the following conditions with effect from 2021.12.05.

1.      Not to issue the previously imported gas stocks.

2.      To contain Mercaptan to the new stocks before they are issued to the market thereby enabling the consumers to identify any leaks if any by its odorant.

3.      To check one cylinder per every 100 cylinders during production, serialize and produce them to the Consumer Affairs Authority.

Presidential Committee look into the LP gas-related fires and explosions says that a total of 458 incidents related to LP gas had been reported in the country from 2021 January 1 to December 5.

Committee Chairman Moratuwa University Prof. Shantha Walpolage said 430 incidents related to LP gas had been reported in the country from November 29 to December 5.

Out of them, 174 incidents were related to the shattering of tempered glass on the gas cooker and the explosion of gas cookers, while 227 incidents were related to gas leakage. There had been 6 incidents where the regulator had been damaged and in another 20 cases the flexible hose had been damaged.