Sri Lanka’s active COVID patients count is rapidly increasing. Active patients count is now 38,022. For the 2nd consecutive day Sri Lanka records over 3000 COVID cases and for the 10th consecutive day Sri Lanka records over 2500 COVID cases. So far today total 3152 new cases report in Sri Lanka. Today caseload is the highest after June 4th.

Highly transmissible Delta variant is spreading rapidly across Sri Lanka and comprise around 75% of the new cases reported in the Western province, according to health experts.

Dr. Chandima Jeewandara say that Sri Lanka was still at the early stages of the COVID wave created by the Delta variant and it had not spread to most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, SLMA requests from government to declare a very severe mobility restriction amounting to a lockdown for a minimum of 2 weeks while maintaining essential services and the programme for vaccination uninterrupted. Also they requests from government to allocate vaccines that provide some immunity even with a single dose to all elders and to people with comorbidities.