Travel between provinces has been completely banned from midnight today August 13 in order to control the Covid-19 outbreak, General Shavendra Silva, Head of the National Operations Center for Prevention of Covid 19 Outbreak, Commander of the Army, announced.

Only those who are engaged in essential services including health, ports, airports and agricultural work and employees of the BOI approved garment factories are allowed to travel between the provinces.

Inter-provincial public transport services have been suspended.

Heads of public and private sector institutions are empowered to call on employees residing outside the province to work as required. Staff in private businesses should be called to work taking into account the space of the workplace in line with health guidelines.

People over the age of 30 years those who enter public places after 15th September will be subjected to inspection to ascertain whether they have taken both doses of the Covid 19 vaccine, Gen. Shavendra Silva further said.