The Immigration and Emigration Controller General has taken a decision to extend the validity period of all types of visas of foreigners who are currently in Sri Lanka taking into consideration the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. Accordingly, the validity period of all types of visas currently obtained by foreigners residing in Sri Lanka has been extended by 30 days from 9th July 2021 to 08th August 2021.

Only Visa fees applicable for that period will be charged for the Visas expire within this period and exempted from charging overstay penalty, the Immigration and Emigration Department said in a statement Friday.

Instructions for Tourist Visa holders to get endorsed visas:

Accordingly, Tourist Visa holders can follow one of the methodologies to make payment for the extension of visa and to get visa endorsement.

1. To obtain Tourist visa, tourist visa holders are hereby advised to pay the relevant visa fee and get the visa extension via the below mentioned link on or before O8th August 2021 or,

2. If you intend to leave the Sri Lanka during the aforementioned period, your journey will be also facilitated by paying the relevant visa fee at the Airport or,

3. By visiting the Head office at Battaramulla on or before 08th August 2021 and get endorsed the visa in the passport by making the relevant Visa fees.

Instructions for Resident Visa holders

The visa extension from July 09, 2021 to August 08, 2021 also applies to all resident visa holders.

To get extended the residence visa before that date, contact 0707101050 from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm on working days to make an appointment and visa endorsement shall be obtained visiting the head office at Battaramulla on or before 08th August 2021 and making payment the relevant visa fees.